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Last minute help

I had contacted My Engineering Buddy in a situation where I had less than 3 hours left for an important homework submission. They supported me very well with their flexible approach and assigned an online tutor for me who was both knowledgeable and patient. He understood my requirements carefully and the homework help received was in a timely manner even when I had communicated the submission time wrongly. I got top grades in the homework due to their help and the knowledge of the tutor.

Meshari Almutairi
 Kuwait university

Statics & Dynamics experts

I had used quite a few online homework help websites earlier but now I have completely settled on My Engineering Buddy for my homework help needs whenever required. I have taken their help in Statics and Dynamics and I have been very happy with the assistance that they have provided at affordable fees. I got to know about My Engineering Buddy through Sitejabber and I am really lucky that I found them.

H. Almutairi
AUM Kuwait

Mind-blowing statistics tutor

My Engineering Buddy helped me with 1:1 online Statistics and Probability classes. The help provided to me was really a fantastic effort by the tutor considering the fact that I don’t have that much of a background in maths and science. They also taught me to use various statistical tools that are going to be helpful to me in my future and my career. I have recommended it to many of my friends after that and most of them had only good things to tell me about them.

Stanford University

Honest & trustworthy people

I started taking My Engineering Buddy’s help after a lot of time had already gone by during the semester. They, however, kept me confident about my subjects with their flexible and personalised approach that suited my learning. I am going to take their help for many subjects in future too and hope that they get more tutors to teach many more subjects that they already do.


High quality tutors

It is very clear to me from the quality of service My Engineering Buddy provides that they must be choosing their tutors very smartly. I have always got great help from them and the work provided by their tutors is high-quality and free of plagiarism, something that is very important to me.

Shama Almutairi
Purdue University

Genuine service

My Engineering Buddy is a genuine website that provides real online tutoring and problem solving services. I also like their flexible attitude with rescheduling and cancellation of sessions as I have a fluid schedule and it just suits me well to work with people who understand that.

Carnegie Mellon Uni

Friendly service, top tutors

Due to some issues, I had to reschedule some of the sessions but it was easy with their friendly rescheduling policy and helpful approach. I got an A in my final Statistics exam and that would not have been possible without these sessions.


Final resort for thermo & fluid

After using quite a few online homework help websites earlier, I have completely settled on My Engineering Buddy for my homework help needs whenever required. I used their help in Fluid mechanics and Thermodynamics.

Carnegie Mellon Uni

Took 20 sessions for calculus-2

It is a boon for students like me who prefer either self-learning or learning from a dedicated tutor over the crowded nature of classroom lessons as the personal attention in such online personalised sessions is absolute and completely focussed on one student.


Complex concepts simplified

The tutor was an expert with a knack of making the concepts simple to understand. He also guided me on how to solve problems and questions during the various stages of my course.


A boon for engineering students

The personalised help provided by their tutor helped me a lot in getting good grades. They have online tutors available 24X7 so their services can be used from anywhere around the world.

Purdue University

Linear algebra tutor

I have had the pleasure of mastering complex Linear Algebra concepts that I never thought I could even barely learn. However, through the online tutoring and problem solving sessions, I Finally learned a lot.

Salma Khan
Colorado State Uni