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Essay Writing Services

Essay writing is a particular form of academic writing, and it is an integral part of education, both for school and college-level students. By reading your essays, your teacher can gauge your depth of knowledge, critical thinking, and level of understanding.

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Essays contribute to your grades in many subjects and courses, and if you want to score high, you must do well in them. However, not everyone has a flair for writing, and sometimes you may need essay help from an expert essay writer due to other reasons such as sickness, too much of work etc

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If you are a school or college student studying in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or Gulf (Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and looking for essay help from a professional Essay Writing Service provider, we can help.

Essays, Dissertations, and Thesis are three types of academic writing. Dissertations are research-type essays used in the scientific community among research scholars. The thesis is like dissertation, but it is much more elaborate and requires a lot more time to finish and hence is much longer than dissertations.

Essays are usually 500 to 5000 words long. Your teacher may ask you to write a 500 to 1500 word long essay in high school, and if you are in college, it may go up to 5000.

If you are a research scholar or senior college student, you may have to write primarily long-form essays and maybe a few dissertations. We can help with dissertations, too, provided it is doable by our essay help experts. We do not do a thesis as of now.

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About Essay writing

What is the purpose of an essay?

Professors give essays to promote critical thinking on a topic/idea from different perspectives or arguments to come to a logical conclusion. It also helps in effective learning of other subjects because learning anything involves thorough analysis and critical thinking and looking at the issue from a different perspective, and deep analysis. Essay writing also improves writing skills.

The author’s purpose for an essay could be

(Click here for source)

  1. To inform
  2. To entertain
  3. To explain (Expository writing)
  4. To persuade
  5. To Argue
  6. To evaluate
  7. To express

What are the types of essays

The 4 main types of essays are:

1. Narrative essay (storytelling)

It tells a story (e.g., a real-life experience) without any motivation to convey a deeper meaning, usually written in the first person. The author shares their personal feelings instead of facts and statistics from other sources)

2. Descriptive essay (painting a picture, although with words)

In this essay form, the description is not there for its sake, and there is a deeper meaning and motivation behind it.

3. Expository essay (Only Facts and Stats)

It is just a collection of facts & statistics. We do not include personal feelings and emotions in expository essays. Examples of expository essays are the “How to” essay, the comparison and contrasting essay, the cause and effect essay, etc. We do not write it in the first person.

4. Persuasive essay (Convincing the reader is the primary goal, also called Argumentative essay)

The author may have a firm conviction or opinion about a topic, and in the whole essay, they try to convince the reader about the same by giving facts and figures.

There are many other types of essays apart from the above four. Some of them are

Analytical essays

It is similar to an expository essay, but it goes one step further by providing advantages and disadvantages of the topic/argument/subject.

Compare and contrast essay

It presents two ideas/things side by side and points out their similarities and differences. Generally, the author provides a compare section and a contrast section. It is a type of Expository essay.

Cause and effect essay

It is usually chronological, where the author first explains the cause and then shows its effects. It is also a type of Expository essay.

Critical analysis essay

It is a literary essay where the author breaks down a piece of literature and argues what the author is saying. We use it to explain literary texts that are hard to comprehend to the general masses. E.g., explaining verses from the bible.

Most searches related to essays

(as per google search, excluding the above 8 essay types)

  • Rhetorical essay analysis
  • Personal narrative essay
  • Review essay
  • College admission/application essay
  • Scholarship essay
  • No Essay scholarship
  • Informative essay
  • Orderliness essay
  • Literary analysis essay
  • Argument essay
  • Definition essay

Structure of an essay

  1. Introduction: Present the central theme or argument, give an overview (e.g., index) and try to grab the reader’s attention
  2. Body: Present the facts and figures/stats with or with our own opinion, analyze all the points, raise counterarguments if needed
  3. Conclusion: Repeat the main argument, summarize the points discussed in the body, and conclude.

Essay formats

MLA Essay Format: Modern Language Association is the most famous college essay format.

APA Essay Format: American Psychological Association is used mainly for research papers, and it is the second most popular essay format.

Chicago Essay Format (Turabian style): It is used chiefly with history-related things, and many authors also use this style. It is least popular among college students.

Our Essay Writers are well versed with these essay formats. As a result, when you get your essay done from us, you always get top scores.

Resources on essay writing (Paid & Free Essay Help)

Essay checking/editing (spelling and punctuation), Essay grammar checker:

Grammarly’s free version is good enough for checking your essay’s spelling and punctuations. The paid version also checks grammar and sentence structure, and it is worth it if you write a lot and want to speed up your essay writing process. There are many other tools similar to Grammarly that you can find online.

Essay Generator or Essay Bots

These AI-based tools can write essays for you. Usually not free, it can save you tons of time and money if you are ok with the type of content they generate. They are suitable for general essay writing on popular topics, but if you have to write an essay on less popular topics and have specific rubrics to follow, they are not helpful. Especially for science subject writings, these AI-based essay generators and bots are useless. is one such service.

Readability checker

Flesch reading score (varies from 0-100) measures how easy or difficult your essay is for the readers. A score of 60 means that your essay can be read and understood easily by even an 8th grader. Hemingway App is a free tool that you can use to improve the readability of your essay.

Plagiarism checker

Copying another’s contents as it is or twisting it to make it unique comes under plagiarism. Your teacher will give you zero if there is plagiarism in your essay. If you have written an essay in your own words, plagiarism detectors will show your content as unique. If you are unsure, you can use some free plagiarism tools to check the uniqueness of your content. is one such free tool.

How to use transition words?

Transition words connect the sentences and make them more logical for the reader when you go from one sentence to the next. It makes your essays easier to read and understand. Check our blog article on transition words to know more about it.

Even our best essay writers use these tools to improve their essays as such tools saves a lot of time. This is how they are able to provide Best Essay Writing Services that you can find online.

Most asked questions on essays as per Google search are

How to write an essay?

How to make an essay longer?

Topics for compare and contrast essay

How to write a college admission essay?

How to start an essay?

Topics for argumentative essay

How to write a good essay introduction?

How to write an outline of an essay?

How to write an expository essay?

Most searched essay topics are

Climate change, Global warming, Abortion, Nursing essay, MBA essay, Personal essay, Philosophical essay, the Synthesis essay, Reflection essay, Evaluative essay, college admission essay, College essay, No scholarship essay, etc

So, If you need help writing an essay or you have an essay that you want to paraphrase or proofread, contact us on WhatsApp and we will delight you with our Essay Writing Services.

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