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My Engineering Buddy is always committed to providing accurate solutions/answers to all homework questions/problems. We are also committed to providing high-quality online tutoring sessions. 

What do we mean by accurate solutions?

There is no ambiguity in mathematical and calculation-intensive problems when deciding accuracy. However, it is not easy to decide in the case of subjective solutions. 

For example, you might have the final answer to a calculus or physics problem, and you can quickly check if the solution is correct or not. But what if it is an essay on child labor? Depending on your academic level, the teacher may give you very good or bad marks. Also, different professors may give different grades to the same essay, and even the same professor will give different grades depending on their mood!

In the case of Science and Math subjects, what qualifies as a wrong solution?

If the final answer is wrong and the steps (approach) are wrong, we consider that a wrong solution. 

But, if the final answer is wrong and the steps are correct, we consider it a partially correct solution.

However, if the final answer is correct, but the approach is wrong, we consider that a wrong solution.

So how do we decide if an essay is good or not? Or, for that matter, is any homework solution good or not?

We genuinely believe that we are here to help you succeed, and if you get bad grades, we take the blame and consider that an inaccurate solution. 

Why accurate solutions are important

Better grades, lower educational expense

Accurate solutions ensure better grades in your assignments and homework. Good grades avoid the possibility of repeating the same course. As a result, you save a lot of your time and money.

Lesser stress, peace of mind

You know that you have done well in all your assignments and assessments, so even if you make a mistake, you won’t fail the course. That makes you stress-free, and we all know that people do their best when they are not worried about the outcome. You can enjoy your college and school life instead of worrying about your academics and future.

Better jobs/better salary

Grades play a significant role in your academic life and your professional career. Inaccurate solutions lead to bad grades, and bad grades lower your GPA. Employers usually give preference to candidates with higher GPAs. 

So, if your grades are low, you may end up with a poor job and hence a poor work experience and lower salary.

How do we ensure accurate solutions?

The internet is flooded with all kinds of homework help and online tutoring service providers. Some are good, some average, and some bad. Unless you are an expert in spotting the right tutor for yourself, the chances are high that you will end up with a bad or average tutor and have to compromise your grades.

My Engineering Buddy takes the following measures to ensure accurate solutions:

“Top tutors and top grades” is our motto

Your grades matter a lot to us, so we hire and retain only the best tutors dedicated to providing a premium service. Our tutors are students/professors of top colleges and universities. 

They have sound knowledge of their subject and have high proficiency in solving complex problems with utmost ease. When hiring tutors, speed, accuracy, and experience are three critical deciding factors. We genuinely believe in the “horses for courses” approach; hence we assign dedicated tutors with an excellent track record.

Say no when needed

We only accept what we are good at!

Although we keep improving our quality, unless we feel we are good enough for the given task, we don’t accept it. Unlike our competitors, we don’t say yes all the time (only to retreat later).

Clearly understand requirements

Our 15 years of experience in online tutoring and homework help have taught us one of the primary reasons why a good tutor cannot provide correct solutions is “not understanding the requirements of the student.” Hence, we ask for lecture notes, sample papers, exact questions you want to solve during a session, any special instructions given by your professor/teacher, etc. 

For example, one of our students, Mohammad Almutairi, got 70% on an assignment even though the tutor explained the correct solutions with steps. We asked for the teacher’s feedback, and we found out that the 30% marks were deducted because of the rubrics to be followed for that assignment. The student forgot to share that with us! 

We explained and provided the steps again, this time according to the rubrics, and he got 97% marks. 

The tutor prepares before the session

Our tutors make it a point to prepare before the session starts, and it helps them become more efficient and work per the student’s requirements. The chances of an inaccurate solution are reduced, and the tutor can deliver correct solutions.

No distraction while working

A good and stable internet connection, a good-speed laptop/desktop without viruses and malware, and a high-performance digital pen-pad or iPad-Pencil system are necessary for all our tutors. We ensure that our tutors do only one job at a time. We discourage multi-tasking, and we are on the same page as Steve Jobs, who always favored focused working instead of multi-tasking. Our tutors keep their phones in silent mode to avoid any distractions. We believe in “Work is worship” and do everything to remove distractions while working.

Give enough time

Accurate solutions demand extra time, and hence we refuse homework if there is not enough time. This way, we don’t miss a deadline and also provide high-quality solutions/explanations to your questions/problems.

Our attitude toward quality

For us, quality is more important than money. This attitude helps us deliver high-quality solutions/answers that are accurate and as per the instructions given. Our love affair with quality makes it easy for us to get referrals; hence, our advertising cost is negligible. We get a majority of our clients through “word of mouth.”

Checking after every step

Humans, unlike robots, make mistakes. To reduce the occurrence of mistakes, we have a clear-cut policy in place. When a tutor solves a question or explains a concept, they verify their work after each step. It slows down the solution process but reduces the time needed to review the solutions. 

Review before delivering the work

Even after the work is done carefully, as explained previously, the same tutor rechecks the solution. Once they are satisfied, it is sent to another tutor who checks it for possible mistakes. So by checking it twice, first by the tutor who solved it and then by another tutor (two tutor advantage), we ensure that the solution is accurate/correct.

Unlimited revisions in case you are not satisfied

For subjective questions/assignments (for example, essay writing), our tutors provide unlimited revisions, ensuring that the solution meets your requirement.

In the case of science and math subjects, our tutors reattempt the questions free of cost, provided there are multiple attempts. 

What if we could not deliver accurate solutions

Unlimited revisions, multiple attempts

If there is a possibility of revision/reattempt, we do that free of cost.

Assigning it to a different tutor

If you are not satisfied with the solutions or if the solution is not correct, we assign your homework/session to another tutor.

Refund and credit

We set the bar very high for us, so the chance of providing incorrect answers/solutions is minimal. Nonetheless, there are instances where human errors kick in, and you may get inaccurate answers. In such a situation, we refund the fee per the quality of the homework solution or live session.

Depending upon the severity of the case, we refund the money either fully or partially. We may refund a smaller percentage of your fee for minor errors, but for a major one, we refund the fee fully. 

If the need is, we also give “credits” that you can use in the future. 

When do “accurate solutions” guarantee not to apply?

  • The question is incorrect, or it has missing/misleading/wrong information, typing/printing error due to which we could not solve it correctly.
  • Our solution is correct, but your professor gave you fewer marks saying that the steps are different.
  • Our solution is correct, but the answer provided to you by your teacher/professor or school/college/university website is incorrect.
  • Your deadline was too short, and there was not enough time to review the solution.
  • You copied the solution wrongly or differently than what we provided to you.
  • We sent the solutions before the deadline, but you could not submit them on time due to technical or personal reasons and got fewer/zero marks.
  • You shared the solution with your friend, and both got zero due to plagiarism.