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Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • AP Physics C Tutoring for Mechanics & Electricity and Magnetism courses.

Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Coaching for AP Physics C-Mechanics & AP Physics C-Electricity and Magnetism course.

Siddhant M

Student’s Rating 4.81/5

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Knowledge 91%
Speed 92%
Accuracy 93%
  • Tutor for AP Physics 1,2 & C. Get 5/5 score.


Got 5/5 in both AP Physics C exams

My MEB tutor did a lot of hard work for both my exams. Whenever I got 5-6 problems I could not solve, I contacted them for help. Their step-by-step solutions made my understanding crystal clear. Well done!

University of Colorado

10 hrs tutoring per month for a 4/5 score in AP Physics C

I am not very good in Physics, but with just 10 hrs per month of AP Physics C tutoring, I scored a credible 4/5 in both exams. My tutors gave me just enough practice problems, which helped me master the course with little effort.

Cornell University

Saved $6000 in AP Physics C tutoring fees

I hired an AP Physics C tutor near me who charged me $60/hr, and I needed tutoring for 15 hrs/month. I got a tutor of the same quality at MEB for just $20 per hour (discounted price due to high volume). It saved me $6000 in 10 months.!!!

Nabil Al Awadi
North Carolina State University

AP Physics Topics

AP Physics 1 topics:

Unit 1: Kinematics

Unit 2: Dynamics

Unit 3: Circular Motion and Gravitation

Unit 4: Energy

Unit 5: Momentum

Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion

Unit 7: Torque and Rotational Motion

AP Physics 2 topics:

Unit 1: Fluids

Unit 2: Thermodynamics

Unit 3: Electric Force, Field, and Potential

Unit 4: Electric Circuits

Unit 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 6: Geometric and Physical Optics

Unit 7: Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics

AP Physics C- Mechanics topics:

Unit 1: Kinematics

Unit 2: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Unit 3: Work, Energy, and Power

Unit 4: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum

Unit 5: Rotation

Unit 6: Oscillations

Unit 7: Gravitation

AP Physics C- Electricity and Magnetism topics:

Unit 1: Electrostatics

Unit 2: Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics

Unit 3: Electric Circuits

Unit 4: Magnetic Fields

Unit 5: Electromagnetism