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Neeraj K

Student’s Rating 4.93/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 95%
Accuracy 97%
  • AP Physics Tutoring for AP Physics 2 (I help with AP Physics 1 and C as well)

Manish A

Student’s Rating 4.92/5

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Knowledge 97%
Speed 91%
Accuracy 94%
  • Private AP Physics 2 coaching online to get you a 5/5 score this time.

Siddhant M

Student’s Rating 4.81/5

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Knowledge 91%
Speed 92%
Accuracy 93%
  • Personalized online test prep service for AP Physics 1,2 & AP Physics C.


5/5 in AP Physics-2 as well as 1

I thank the AP Physics tutors of MEB for the great help they have provided to me. I got 5/5 in insanely tough AP Physics-1, and then I got a perfect 5/5 in AP Physics-2. Although I was not bad in physics, I never thought of such high scores.

University of Colorado

AP Physics 2 Online tutoring near me

I had doubts in the Electricity & Magnetism portion, for which I needed doubts removal sessions from a tutor near me. I also needed step-by-step solutions to understand around 20 questions. Pretty satisfied with the AP Physics tutoring service of MEB. 👌

Cornell University

Gauss’s law help for AP Physics 2

I could not understand Gauss’s law in AP Physics 2 and I took 3 tutoring sessions for the same. My tutor Manish A was exceptional and I am glad I chose MEB. Bad luck I did not find such a service for AP Physics 1 last year. 💕

Nabil Al Awadi
North Carolina State University

AP Physics Topics

AP Physics 1 topics:

Unit 1: Kinematics

Unit 2: Dynamics

Unit 3: Circular Motion and Gravitation

Unit 4: Energy

Unit 5: Momentum

Unit 6: Simple Harmonic Motion

Unit 7: Torque and Rotational Motion

AP Physics 2 topics:

Unit 1: Fluids

Unit 2: Thermodynamics

Unit 3: Electric Force, Field, and Potential

Unit 4: Electric Circuits

Unit 5: Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 6: Geometric and Physical Optics

Unit 7: Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics

AP Physics C- Mechanics topics:

Unit 1: Kinematics

Unit 2: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Unit 3: Work, Energy, and Power

Unit 4: Systems of Particles and Linear Momentum

Unit 5: Rotation

Unit 6: Oscillations

Unit 7: Gravitation

AP Physics C- Electricity and Magnetism topics:

Unit 1: Electrostatics

Unit 2: Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics

Unit 3: Electric Circuits

Unit 4: Magnetic Fields

Unit 5: Electromagnetism

AP Physics 2 Tutor Online

What does My Engineering Buddy offer for AP Physics 2?

Are you preparing for AP Physics 2 and want to get an excellent score? If yes, you are at the right place.

We offer you a chance to learn AP physics 2 from the best online physics tutors in a personalized environment. If learning from a personal virtual tutor can give you the best chance of success, you shall contact our student helpline and book an online tutoring session. Our outstanding tutors have helped thousands of students from across the globe, and they will be happy to help you too. Additionally, they provide Physics homework help, projects, and laboratory reports in university physics 2.


How much do physics tutors charge?

A physics tutor charges somewhere around $20 to $50 per hour. There are a lot of variations, but most of the tutors fall within this range.


What can I expect from the AP Physics 2 online tutoring by My Engineering Buddy?

Our tutors provide detailed explanations of physics concepts and an overview of mathematical relationships and show a variety of problem-solving strategies. They encourage students to understand the big picture, gain crucial problem-solving skills, and become prepared and confident for their course. They do it on an online whiteboard to share files and interact freely with the tutors. The option of booking a session with 2-3 students is also there.

You will learn how to use the physics 2 formula sheet and equation sheet to solve complex problems quickly and get good grades on your quizzes, mid-term and final exams. You can take online tutoring classes for the entire physics 2 course or a few physics 2 topics.


Who are the students that take physics 2 ap online tutoring help from us?

Students who want to build a strong base in college physics 2 take online tutorials. We have helped students from Duke University, Loyola Marymount University, Michigan Technological University, the University of Technology Sydney, King Saud University (KSU), and King Abdulaziz University (KAU). Many students from around the globe, including the USA, Taiwan, Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, and the UK, regularly take our help in mastering physics 2.


What are the resources based on which the tutors conduct online classes?

Our tutors can cover the topics and problems from some of the following and similar books:

College Physics: A Strategic Approach Randall Knight (Author), Brian Jones (Author), Stuart Field (Author)

College Physics Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille


What is AP Physics 2?

AP Physics 2 is an introductory college-level, algebra-based physics course that explores dynamics and fluid statics, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics. It is similar to college physics 2 or engineering physics 2. AP Stands for advanced placement, and AP physics is a course designed by the College board for evaluating students in their physics knowledge.


What does a physics tutor do?

A physics tutor teaches Physics 2 topics viz Electrostatics, Electrodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Optics and basics of quantum mechanics.


How much do online physics tutors make?

An online physics tutor charges somewhere around $20 to $50 per hour. If they work for 100 hours per month, they can make $2000 to $5000 per month. It may not be very high for USA Physics tutors, but this is a lot of money for tutors from developing countries.


What is the difference between AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2?

AP Physics 1 focuses on classical mechanics, whereas AP Physics 2 mainly covers electricity and magnetism.


What topics are in Physics 2?

Physics 2 is electricity and magnetism, and it also covers optics, waves, Fluids, Thermodynamics, and a basic version of quantum mechanics. A detailed list of Physics 2 topics are as below.

Physics 2 topics:

Fluid Dynamics

  • Flow Rate
  • Bernoulli’s Equation
  • Turbulence
  • Poiseuille Flow

Fluid Statics

  • Buoyant Force
  • Archimedes’ Principle
  • Pressure
  • Density and Specific Gravity


  • Laws of thermodynamics
  • Thermal conduction and heat transfer
  • Kinetic theory, temperature, and the ideal gas law


  • Charge Distribution
  • Voltage
  • Electric Fields
  • Charge and electric force (Coulomb’s law)
  • Electric Force Between Point Charges
  • Electric Force in an Electric Field
  • Gauss’s Law
  • Electric Potential Energy
  • Point Charges


  • Circuits with capacitors C
  • -with resistors R
  • -with inductors L
  • LCR Circuits, LR circuits, LC circuits etc

Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday’s law

  • Electric motors
  • Magnets and Magnetic Force
  • Magnetic flux and Faraday’s law
  • The magnetic field created by a current
  • Electromagnetic waves and interference

Geometric optics

  • Reflection and refraction
  • Mirrors
  • Lenses


  • Representing Waves as Sine and Cosine Functions
  • Doppler Effect
  • Wave Interference and Diffraction
  • Slit Experiments

Quantum Physics

  • Photons
  • Atoms and electrons
  • Nuclear physics

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