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What is Physics 1?

Physics 1 is a basic college-level physics course. Solving the problems in college physics 1 topics requires a student to have semi-quantitative, quantitative, qualitative, and experimental reasoning aptitude. As for the math skills involved in the course, a student should have prior knowledge of algebra. It is essential to clearly understand college physics 1 as it is the foundation of many advanced physics and science courses.


Is Physics 1 a difficult subject?

Physics 1 is like any other course in Physics. It is an introductory course that you can easily tackle if you learn the concepts correctly. Out of all the AP subjects, AP physics 1 historically has the lowest average score and the lowest percentage of students scoring a full 5. My Engineering Buddy provides online tutoring and homework help to assist students to buck the trend and get top grades. Suppose you have problems understanding your professor in class or grasping the fundamental concepts. In that case, you can overcome those challenges with our help.


What is the Physics 1 online tutoring service by My Engineering Buddy?

We make understanding Physics 1 easy by offering online tutoring sessions that will perfectly suit your learning. You can choose the time and the pace of the classes. As the class will be only for you, you can comfortably interact with the tutor and learn the fundamentals of physics 1. You can also understand effective and quick problem-solving techniques to help you with physics 1 equations. On request, the AP Physics 1 tutor demonstrates those techniques by solving sample problems for you during the session.


Can I get physics 1 homework help from My Engineering Buddy?

Our expert tutors can help you with physics 1 homework. Timely plagiarism-free homework help with correct solutions and can help keep your academic program on track. It enables you to focus on studying your priority subjects and learn the subject and the problem-solving methods. You can get more details on our physics homework help page or reach our student helpline on WhatsApp to know more.


Kinematics and introduction to dynamics

  • Position, acceleration, and velocity
  • Representations of motion
  • The gravitational field
  • Contact forces

Newton’s laws

  • Law of inertia or Newton’s first law
  • Newton’s second law and & Applications of Newton’s second law
  • Newton’s third law and free body-diagrams

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Circular motion and gravitation

  • Vector fields
  • Fundamental forces
  • Gravitational forces
  • The gravity on different planets due to gravitational fields and acceleration
  • Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
  • Applications of circular motion and gravitation
  • Free-body diagrams for different objects in a uniform circular motion

Energy and momentum

  • Work and mechanical energy
  • Conservation of energy
  • Representation of changes in momentum
  • Momentum and impulse
  • Conservation of linear momentum


Simple harmonic motion and rotational motion

  • Period of simple harmonic oscillators
  • Energy of simple harmonic oscillator
  • Rotational kinematics
  • Torque and angular acceleration
  • Angular momentum and torque
  • Conservation of angular momentum

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