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About AP Statistics

The College Board develops, administers, and grades the AP Statistics course and treats it as the equivalent of a non-calculus-based introductory one-semester statistics college course. The AP Statistics course is beneficial for students who would pursue math or science in advanced academic programs. It introduces the students to the introductory concepts and tools for collecting and analyzing data. They also learn to use statistical formulas to make simulations and draw inferences from the analysis.

AP Statistics prerequisites

A second-year algebra course is a prerequisite for AP Statistics. It helps them acquire fundamental mathematical skills and sufficient quantitative reasoning aptitude required for the AP Statistics questions.

Is AP Statistics hard?

AP Statistics 2 is an average-difficulty AP course and is generally considered easier than the other AP Math and Computer Science subjects. According to bestcolleges, AP Statistics doesn’t feature in the top 10 AP courses with the highest passing rates, and you may need a private tutor for it.

Is there an equation sheet for AP Statistics?

Students get the authorized AP Statistics equation sheet during the AP Statistics test. It contains the frequently used statistical equations and formulas but not everything used in the AP Statistics exam. Students must practice using this AP Statistics reference sheet with maximum efficiency to benefit from it during the exam. It is also called the AP Statistics formula sheet.

The students can also use a calculator for AP Statistics. It shall be a graphing or non-graphing calculator with statistical capabilities.

Is AP Statistics worth taking?

It is beneficial to take the AP Statistics exam for multiple reasons. The main advantage is that the student already has college credit and doesn’t need to pay for the equivalent course in college or university. It also helps secure admission as it indicates to the college that the student is interested in statistics and math.

AP Statistics topics

The following list contains the outline of the AP Statistics units which you can cover with our online AP Statistics tutor:

Part 1: One-Variable Data (15 – 23% of the total score)

Learn about data variation and practice data representation. Study data distributions and their interpretations.


    Quantitative and categorical variables

    Data representations using graphs and tables

    Calculation and interpretation of statistics

    The normal distribution

    Comparison and description of data distributions

Part 2: Two-Variable Data (5 – 7% of the total score)

Build on the previous topic and learn two-variable data representation, distributions comparisons, relationships among variables, and predictions using models.


    Calculation of statistics and comparison of representations for 2 categorical variables

    Using scatter plots to represent bivariate quantitative data

    Bivariate data associations and correlation interpretations

    Linear regression models

    Departures from linearity

    Residuals and residual plots

Part 3: Collecting Data (12 – 15% of the total score)

Study randomization and its importance. Learn to interpret the results of statistical studies and draw generalizations and conclusions.


    Sampling methods and sources of bias in them

    How to design an experiment or plan a study

    Interpretation of the findings of an experiment

Part 4: Random Variables, Probability, and Probability Distributions (10 – 20% of the total score)

Learn the basics of probability. Study the probability distributions that form the basis for statistical inference.


    Estimating probabilities using simulation

    Probability of a random event

    Probability distributions and random variables

    The geometric and binomial distributions

Part 5: Sampling Distributions (7 – 12% of the total score)

Learn to quantify confidence levels and interpret characteristics of a population.

Topics may include:

    The central limit theorem

    Variation in statistics for samples from the same population

    Unbiased and biased point estimates

    Sampling distributions for sample means and sample proportions

Part 6: Inference for Categorical Data: Proportions (12 – 15% of the total score)

Learn the processes to draw inferences for categorical variable proportions. Understand statistical inference and its applications.


    Construct and interpret a population proportion confidence interval

    Set up and carry out a test for a population proportion

    Interpret a p-value to justify a statistic about a population proportion

    Confidence intervals and tests for the difference between 2 proportions

    Type I and Type II errors in significance testing

Part 7: Means for Quantitative Data (10 – 18% of the total score)

Learn to make inferences about population means by analyzing quantitative data. As per statistics tutors teaching for AP exams, it is quite interesting for the students.


    Set up and carry out a population mean test

    Construct and interpret a population mean confidence interval

    Interpret a p-value and verify a claim about a population mean

    Confidence intervals and testing the difference of means of 2 populations

Part 8: Chi-Square for Categorical Data (2 – 5% of the total score)

Learn about chi-square tests used for two or more categorical variables.


    The chi-square test for homogeneity, the goodness of fit, and independence

     Choosing appropriate categorical data inference procedure

Part 9: Slopes of Quantitative Data (2 – 5% of the total score)

Learn about the slope of a regression model, construct confidence intervals, and carry out significance tests for the slope.


    Confidence intervals for the regression model slope

    Set up and carry out a test for the slope of a regression model

    How to select an appropriate inference procedure

You can get more details on the AP Statistics curriculum by visiting the AP Statistics College Board official webpage.

AP Statistics textbooks

The following list will help select an AP Statistics book for exam prep :

  • Stats: Modeling the World 5th by David Bock, Paul Velleman, Richard De Veaux, Floyd Bullard. Publisher – Pearson
  • Advanced High School Statistics by David M Diez, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Leah Dorazio, Christopher D Barr. Publisher – OpenIntro, Inc.
  • Introduction to the Practice of Statistics Tenth Edition by David S. Moore, George P. McCabe, Bruce A. Craig. Publisher – W. H. Freeman
  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis by Roxy Peck, Chris Olsen, Jay L. Devore. Publisher – Cengage Learning
  • The Practice of Statistics (for the AP Exam) by Daren S. Starnes, Josh Tabor. Publisher – W. H. Freeman
  • Introduction to Statistical Investigations (AP Edition) by Nathan Tintle, Ruth Carver Publisher – Wiley
  • Mind on Statistics by Jessica M. Utts, Robert F. Heckard Publisher – Cengage Learning

Best resources for acing the AP Statistics exam

Here are some of the best resources, including textbooks for the AP Statistics exam preparation.

Khan Academy: The AP Statistics Khan Academy resource page is an excellent free resource for learning AP Statistics topics. It has online tutorials, videos, and AP Statistics practice tests laid out in a user-friendly format. To access the authorized database of past AP Statistics exam questions, you shall visit The College Board AP Statistics questions page. You can find an AP Statistics score calculator here ( you can get AP Statistics free-response and multiple-choice questions to review your preparedness for the exam on this same website).

You can get excellent online tutoring at affordable fees by choosing a private AP Statistics tutor from My Engineering Buddy.

For example, you can learn problem-solving techniques for AP Statistics probability based on the AP Statistics study guide by booking a session with our tutors. You can also get feedback for AP Statistics practice tests from them.

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