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About AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for the course. The subject and the exam syllabus don’t require prior knowledge of any other subject.

Is AP Human Geography hard?

Human Geography is one of the toughest AP exams. The exam expects the students to think critically and synthesize the course content at the level of a college program. According to, only about half (52.3%) of the test takers score 3 or more in 2021. The average score was 2.69. In 2019, less than 9% of students got a perfect 5. Consequently, preparing methodically and working hard for the exam is advisable. Students shall use good resources and take the help of mentors and teachers wherever needed.

Is AP Human Geography worth it?

The AP Environmental Science course is equivalent to an introductory one-semester environmental science college course. Like every AP course, it helps the students build confidence and the skills required in college.

It also helps admission to advanced programs as they indicate the student’s interest in geography. The students save hundreds of dollars in tuition fees by getting college credit when they complete the course by passing the exam.

AP Human Geography course and exam description

The College Board examines the students’ ability to comprehend how human beings have used, changed, and understood the earth’s surface. The syllabus connects real-life scenarios with geographic concepts and processes.

Students learn to comprehend the information in maps, charts, graphs, infographics, and landscapes. With it, they can establish spatial relationships using geographic scales. They also learn to figure out patterns and trends in data and in graphical sources like maps to draw conclusions.

Here is the list of the AP Human Geography units and topics.

Part 1: Thinking Geographically (8 – 10% of the total score)

Part 2: Population and Migration Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

Part 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

Part 4: Political Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

Part 5: Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

Part 6: Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

Part 7: Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and Processes (12 – 17% of the total score)

You can find current information about the course, the exam, and all other details on the College Board AP Human Geography official web page.

Resources to help in preparation for the AP Human Geography exam

We have made a list of reference textbooks and valuable resources for the students taking the AP Human Geography exam.

The official College Board AP Human Geography questions exam page has free-response questions from previous years. The test-taking students can use them to practice for the exam. The page also has exam takers’ sample responses, scoring guidelines, and scoring distributions for the exam.

The AP Human Geography page has an extensive repository of free-response and multiple-choice questions and full-length practice tests.

AP Human Geography reference textbooks

5 Steps to a 5 – AP Human Geography by Carol Ann Gillespie. Publisher – McGraw Hill

AP Human Geography Prep Plus – Practice Tests + Study Plans. Publisher – Kaplan Test Prep

Advanced Placement Human Geography by David Palmer (AMSCO). Publisher – Perfection Learning

AP Human Geography Premium (Barron’s Test Prep) by Meredith Marsh Ph.D., Peter S. Alagona Ph.D. Publisher – Barrons Educational Services

Princeton Review AP Human Geography Prep – Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Strategies and Techniques (College Test Preparation). Publisher – The Princeton Review

AP Human Geography Flashcards (Barron’s AP) by Meredith Marsh Ph.D., Peter S. Alagona Ph.D. Publisher – Barrons Educational Services