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Pankaj K

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Neeraj K

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“23 years of experience. Ph.D Mathematics. IIT Mumbai”

Jitendra S

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I can explain complex concepts in easy to understand manner and solve problems fast. Top grades are assured in your Complex Analysis exams and homework.

“6 years of experience. Masters in Mathematics and Statistics, a math lover.”

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Complex Analysis tutoring

After struggling with Complex Analysis for over a week, I hired a private online tutor here at My Engineering Buddy. The tutor was very experienced and explained the concepts so well I topped my class. Thanks a bunch!

University of Colorado

Homework Help in Complex Analysis

Complex Analysis is complicated, and I got into serious trouble when I missed a few classes due to illness. I could not find a clue in the class notes, so I hired MEB, and they got me 100% marks. I am so happy 😁

Ahmad Almutairi
Kuwait university

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How can MEB help you with Complex Analysis?

We provide the following tutoring services

  • Online Tutoring in Complex Analysis (Private 1-on-1 sessions)

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We help students from across the globe; however, mainly in the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Australia, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Share requirements on WhatsApp
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Important topics in Complex Analysis

The broad topics that we study in an introductory Complex Analysis course include the following:

  • Basics of Complex numbers
  • Cauchy’s Theorem, Applications of Cauchy’s Theorem,
  • Meromorphic Functions and the Logarithm
  • Fourier Transform, Entire Functions
  • Gamma and Zeta Functions, Prime Number Theorem
  • Conformal Mappings, Elliptic Functions
  • Theta Functions and its Applications

(Topics credit: Complex Analysis by Elias M. Stein, Rami Shakarchi)

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How much does online Complex Analysis tutoring cost?

The Online tutoring cost depends on your grade/level and number of sessions and varies from tutor to tutor. For an idea, it costs anywhere from $25 to $40 per hour.

What is the cost of homework help (labs, projects, essays, etc.)?

The cost of homework depends on the effort required to solve it. Share your assignment with us on WhatsApp, and we will check and quote you the fee.

About Complex Analysis

What is Complex Analysis?

The Mathematical Analysis of complex numbers and complex fields is called complex Analysis.

What is the difference between Real and Complex analysis?

The mathematical analysis of real numbers is called Real Analysis, whereas that of complex numbers is called Complex Analysis. (Mathematical Analysis is the branch of mathematics concerned with limits and continuity and its applications to Integration, differentiation, Infinite sequence, series, etc.)

Is Complex Analysis Complex Analysis hard?

Many advanced topics in Complex Analysis are pretty abstract and hard to digest. Although you can learn it on your own, an expert in this subject can destress your academic life significantly.

Do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp if you need online tutoring or homework help in Complex Analysis. Our tutors are waiting to help you.

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