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Ankesh J

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Jitendra S

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Our online geography tutors help students with the following things and much more:

Online Geology Tutoring

Geology Homework Help

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  • High school geography lessons
  • Advanced geography topics
  • Statistics tutorials for geography
  • Assistance with projects and assignments
  • Geography exam prep (e.g.: AP Human Geography)

About Geography

What is geography?

Geography is a scientific discipline that studies different places and landscapes on Earth. It also examines the relationships between people of other civilizations and their environments. Geographers, the professionals in geography, study the human societies distributed across the globe besides studying Earth’s physical properties.

They also observe how human beings interact with their natural environment. It includes studying different types of places and locations’ impact on people. Geography tries to establish how natural things develop, where they are present, why we discover them in certain areas, and how they change over time.

Geography branches

The main branches of geography are:

Physical Geography

Physical geography, also called physiography, treats geography as an Earth science subject. It evaluates the physical structure and the properties of the components of the natural layers of and around Earth. It includes the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, and flora and fauna patterns that constitute the biosphere. Its scope includes the Earth’s climate, seasons, soil, landforms, streams, and oceans.

Physical geography has important sub-branches like geomorphology, coastal geography, pedology, oceanography, climatology, and meteorology.

Human Geography

Human geography, also called anthropogeography, studies processes, and patterns that shape and affect human societies and settlements. It evaluates our civilization’s social, cultural, political, and economic aspects.

It has sub-branches like development geography, health geography, economic geography, and urban geography. Human geography has developed different approaches like behavioral geography, feminist geography, and geosophy through its evolution.

Integrated Geography

Integrated geography studies the spatial interactions between the natural world and its inhabitants. It touches upon the subject matter of both physical and human geography.

For example, it evaluates how we as human societies perceive the environment. It now acts as a bridge between physical and human geography, as the two sub-fields are becoming increasingly specialized.


It deals with the adoption of modern computing technology to the traditional topography and cartography spatial techniques. Geomatics arose from the quantitative revolution geography experienced in the 1950s.

Geomatics methods now include global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), spatial analysis, and remote sensing.

Regional Geography

It is the sub-discipline of geography that describes the unique features of the Earth’s surface. This uniqueness of each area arises from the combination of its natural elements, combining the physical and human environment. It includes regionalization covering the proper techniques of delimiting spaces into regions.

Geography topics

These are some of the important topics in geography

  • Geomorphology
  • Economic geography
  • Resources and environment
  • Population geography
  • Biogeography
  • Settlement geography
  • Advanced cartography and GIS
  • World regional geography
  • Political geography
  • Applied geography
  • Agricultural geography

Geography textbooks

  • Here is a list of some helpful reference geography books
  • Introduction to Geography by Jon Malinowski Mark Bjelland, David H. Kaplan. Publisher ‏- McGraw Hill
  • Physical Geography – The Global Environment by Joseph Mason, Jason Burt, Peter Muller, Harm de Blij. Publisher ‏- Oxford University Press
  • World Regional Geography (MindTap Course List) by Joseph J. Hobbs. Publisher ‏- Cengage Learning
  • Contemporary Human Geography by James Rubenstein. Publisher ‏- Pearson
  • Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts by Jan Nijman, Peter O. Muller, Michael Shin. Publisher ‏- Wiley
  • An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies by Daniel R. Montello, Paul Sutton. Publisher ‏- SAGE Publications Ltd
  • Statistics for Geography and Environmental Science by Richard Harris. Publisher ‏- Prentice Hall
  • 5 Steps to a 5 – AP Human Geography by Carol Ann Gillespie. Publisher – McGraw Hill