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Pankaj K

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Neeraj K

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Jitendra S

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How much does online Computational statistics tutoring cost?

The Online Computational statistics tutoring cost depends on your grade/level and number of sessions and varies from tutor to tutor. For an idea, it costs anywhere from $20 to $40 per hour.

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The cost of homework depends on the effort required to solve it. Share your assignment with us on WhatsApp, and we will check and quote you the fee.

About Computational statistics

What is Computational statistics?

Computational statistics is the use of computers to do computationally intensive statistical analysis. It is also called Statistical Computing in everyday language and is a field that combines statistics with computer science. Some examples are:

  • Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods
  • Local regression
  • Newton Raphson
  • Kernel density estimation
  • Gradient Descent
  • Expectation-Maximization
  • ANN or Artificial neural networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Resampling methods
  • Generalized additive models

What is the Monte Carlo Simulation/method?

Monte Carlo Simulation/method is a mathematical technique used in computational statistics, used to evaluate the outcomes of an uncertain event. Using algorithms, we do repeat random sampling to get the results. It is also known as multiple probability simulation.

Computational Statistics is used in biology, linguistics, physics, mathematics, materials science, etc.

Important topics in Computational Statistics

  • Optimization And Solving Nonlinear Equations: Univariate and Multivariate Problems
  • Combinatorial Optimization: NP-Completeness, Hard Problems, Genetic and Tabu Algorithms
  • EM Optimization Methods: The EM Algorithm, EM Variants
  • Numerical Integration: Romberg Integration, Gaussian Quadrature, Newton–Coˆtes Quadrature,
  • Simulation And Monte Carlo Integration: Monte Carlo Method, Exact And Approximate Simulation, Techniques For Variance Reduction
  • MCMC Or Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm, Gibbs Sampling, Implementation, Adaptive MCMC, Reversible Jump MCMC, Auxiliary Variable Methods, Markov Chain Maximum Likelihood
  • Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping Principle, Inference, Performance and Uses, Monte Carlo Error Reduction,
  •  Nonparametric Density Estimation, Bivariate Smoothing, Multivariate Smoothing

(Topics credit: Computational Statistics, Second Edition by Geof H. Givens, Jennifer A. Hoeting)

Can I learn Computational statistics on my own, or do I need a tutor in Computational statistics?

A course in Computational statistics can be very complex due to the use of advanced mathematical concepts and tools. It also integrates computer science principles and algorithms. So a strong base in both these fields is a must to learn on your own. If you need help with your homework or want someone to explain the concepts in an online tutoring session, contact us 24×7 on WhatsApp. Our Computational statistics tutors are waiting to help you.

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