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If you are looking for top tutors who can help you get top grades, you are at the right place. We have the best online tutors and homework helpers for many subjects and educational systems.

Whether you are a college or university grad, school student, or a research scholar, we have the top minds to assist you with assignment help, homework, exam preparation assistance, lab reports, project help, and online tutoring.

Why top grades are important

Your grades play an all-important role in your future. It measures your ability and competence in a subject or discipline. We understand its importance in your academic life and professional career. If you get top grades, it will help you immensely in your future.


Grades play the most critical role in college and university placements. You want to enter an interview with the confidence of top grades backing you. We are happy to help you gain that confidence to start your professional career well.

Career growth

In today’s competitive professional environment, an excellent academic qualification and track record also contribute to career growth. We want to support you with top-quality academic assistance for a bright professional career ahead.


Good grades help you stay competitive in your class. We understand that you want to score top marks in all the subjects and we can help you achieve it. Scoring well in most subjects helps you get a good overall GPA, even if a few occasional low scores are there.

We make it easy to aim for top grades

You will find our easy-to-use system and friendly student helpline staff extremely helpful. We are always by your side, whether you are looking for an exam preparation session well into the future or seeking homework help or assignment assistance at short notice. Here is how we do it.

Easy to book sessions

We have made it really easy to seek assignment help, ask for assistance with an essay, or book an online tutoring session. You can contact us via WhatsApp or our website and get instant support and help. Our support staff will understand your requirements and connect you to an expert who can best help you.

24X7 support

You are assured of high-quality homework help and personalized e-learning assistance round the clock. We quickly respond to your messages, and our tutors are available for students from different time zones.

Personalized help

At My engineering Buddy, you will have specialized homework helpers and tutors who provide dedicated assistance to individuals or a small group of students. Our experts provide personalized help as they understand the requirements of an individual.

Highly qualified tutors

If you get absolutely the best teachers to help you with your learning and assignments, you give yourself the best chance to score top grades. With that in mind, we have assembled teams of the most qualified educators who justify the “top tutors, top grades” assurance.

Academically brilliant teachers

The experts at MEB were themselves outstanding students. They studied in top colleges and universities and have undergone the rigors of challenging academic courses. You will benefit from their subject knowledge and the depth of their academic experience.

Understanding of various educational systems

We have expert tutors who understand the structures and syllabus of various educational systems worldwide. It enables us to serve students with varied requirements from around the globe.

Brilliant tutors who actively help students

Most of our experts are passionate teachers and instructors at prestigious institutions. The rest are professionals at top organizations who are equally keen to provide students like you achieve top-quality educational assistance.

Help in a variety of subjects

You can get help in a wide selection of subjects, disciplines, specializations, and domains. My Engineering Buddy is the hub of the best homework solvers and online tutors for science, engineering, humanities, business and commerce, languages, and many other skills.

Quality guaranteed: Top tutors, top grades!

My Engineering Buddy boasts a decade of successful operations and a rapidly growing clientele.  We serve hundreds of students every week with their assignments, homework, lab reports, online tutoring, exam preparation, and live sessions. Here is how we ensure top-quality output and student satisfaction.

Quality control

We hire and retain only the best tutors and homework solvers in the business. If you are looking for top grades, we are here to get you exactly that. Our handpicked set of expert and experienced tutors provide guidance and help to boost your academic performance.

Trained teachers

Each tutor joining our organization goes through a comprehensive orientation module. We also regularly train our experts in aspects like discipline and skill upgrades. It helps them perform their role efficiently.

Plagiarism-free solutions

Our teachers are committed to helping you with original solutions and lessons. Our constant quality control methods mean that you always have plagiarism-free output. Their expertise ensures that the solutions are 100% accurate.

Refunds and money-back guarantee

We want you to be delighted with our services. To support that effort, we offer a money-back guarantee or a partial refund of the fees for all the verified claims. In the rare case that you are unsatisfied with your results or grades, we encourage you to bring them to our notice.

So next time you are looking for top tutors, top grades, feel free to Whatsapp us. We will delight you with our tutoring and homework help services online.

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