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Any explanation requires the tutor to speak. Ideally, we like to converse with people with the same or similar accents as it is tough to understand someone with a different accent than ours. As My Engineering Buddy provides online tutoring services globally, we understand the necessity of good tutors with neutral accents.

How do we ensure our tutors have a neutral accent?

  • At the time of hiring, we make it clear that we do not hire anyone who does not have a neutral accent. When assessing tutors, we put a lot of weightage on accent, so we recruit and retain only those tutors who meet our requirements.
  • We constantly monitor and train our tutors to improve their accents.
  • We have dedicated tutors who have American and British accents for major markets like the USA, Canada, UK, and Gulf countries.
  • We give incentives to tutors who get good feedback, especially regarding the clarity of their explanations. 
  • If a student complains about a tutor’s accent, we ensure we do not pair the same tutor with that student.
  • If a tutor cannot understand a student’s accent, we don’t assign that student to the tutor.
  • We constantly take feedback from the students, and for online tutoring sessions, the accent is an integral part of that feedback.
  • We ask students about their tutor preference, and accent is a part of that. Although we can not guarantee a similar accent tutor, we ensure that we provide at least a neutral accent tutor.

What to do if you are not happy with our tutor’s accent?

Contact us on our 24×7 WhatsApp student helpline, and we will assign a different tutor whose accent you can understand.

We would not charge you for the session if you could not understand the tutor due to an accent issue.

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